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Swami Sivananda and Swami Satchidananda
Two examples of The Reality of Spiritual Growth and Self Realization
(Divine Life Society and Integral Yoga Institute)

"The path of Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is an essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow."


The purpose of HELM

The goal of the HELM website is to freely offer a good study of the human experience from a scientific perspective. I use the simple seven chakra (life-center) system, that anybody can quickly understand and begin using, to help us become whole, integrated, balanced, mature, and complete human beings who understand and master the human experience. It also includes a transcendental component that helps us realize our greater identity as the eternal, immortal, totality of existence.


We highly recommend the following, deeply researched and easy to understand book/manual on the seven chakra system:

Wheels of Life: User's Guide to the Chakra System (Llewellyn's New Age) by Anodea Judith (Author): £16.00

This is an instruction manual for owning and operating the inner gears that run the machinery of our lives. Anodea Judith shows how chakras can be used to improve personal power, psychic and healing powers, love and understanding.'

As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, chakras represent the sacred architecture of your body and psyche. This classic introduction to the chakras, which has sold over 100,000 copies, has been completely updated and expanded. In addition to revised chapters on relationships, evolution, healing, and divination, it includes a new section on raising children with healthy chakras.

Wheels of Life takes you on a wondrous journey through the progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. View this ancient metaphysical system by the light of new metaphors: quantum physics, elemental magic, and the Kabbalah. Learn how to explore your own chakras using poetic meditations, physical expression, and visionary art.

Good luck!


Why do some people not respond to their attempts at healing and self development?

Through my own experiences and those of others, it came to my attention that something was getting in the way of successful holistic healing, balanced integration, and self-development. There was a real hidden reason why people were not healing and not responding to their attempts to heal and develop. We could not get over nor understand this "hidden hurdle" that was preventing healing and leading to self-sabotage behaviours, and then we learned what it was: TRAUMA

Do you suffer from any of the following persistent and intense conditions:

  • Self hatred and difficulty liking yourself
  • Self denial
  • Attention deficit, confusion, lack of focus, and difficulty living your life
  • Depression
  • Symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (link to wikipedia entry)
  • difficulty getting close to people, problems with intimacy, difficulty sustaining friendships and relationships
  • self sabotage: doing things that are bad for you and your health, putting yourself down, being sick for no apparent reason
  • inability to heal: whatever you do, whatever process or system you try to use to heal and develop, you simply hit this "hidden hurdle", start self-sabotaging, and give up
  • hatred of life
  • easily and constantly overwhelmed and unable to cope with life
  • dissociation and numbing out from life
  • Feelings of revenge, feelings and actions of cruelty towards others
  • Sadistic (hurting others) and masochistic (hurting self) behaviours
  • Low stress threshold: easily stressed out by ordinary things
  • addiction: smoking, drinking, substance misuse, sex addiction, illogical compulsions
  • suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • inability to cope
  • bad self image and self relationship
  • tension: a tense body and mind
  • hunched over body posture: shoulders up, chest in, and neck bent forward (protection posture)
  • chronic body stiffness, rigidity, and/or tremors and shaking
  • thought and memory disturbances and thinking difficulties
  • chronic negative emotions; chronic anger, hate, rage, and irritability
  • sleeping difficulty
  • bizarre behaviours
  • neurotic behaviours: uncontrollable compulsions
  • emotional disturbance: inability to feel warm and friendly emotions
  • fear, anxiety, paranoia
  • nervousness
  • chronic fatigue
  • body problems like: fibromyalgia, chronic pain, ME, and other painful and fatigue issues

If so, then you most likely suffering from trauma from past experiences or present ones, or both. We found that a traumatized person repeatedly keeps self-sabotaging their life and all their attempts to create and maintain a holistically healthy and constructively developing life.

It is a real problem that effects most people and thankfully we have a real solution in the form of:

The Trauma Release Process: TRP

Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times by David Berceli, phD

Even if you think you are not traumatized, we suggest that you purchase the following TRP book and DVD by David Berceli, phD, and do the simple TRE (trauma release exercises) as it is "better safe than sorry." You will find that everybody has experienced some form of traumatic experiences within their life, so it is best to clear this area out so that we can ACTUALLY proceed with creating and maintaining a holistically healthy life WITHOUT the confusing, upsetting, and frustrating interruptions of self-sabotage that we found was happening to us.


May all beings be well
May all beings have what they need
May all beings be freed from ignorance, egoism, vice, and resulting suffering
May all beings purify their body, heart, mind, karma (actions), and soul
May all beings quickly discover Enlightenment and Self Realization
May all beings discover and use their wise, compassionate, forgiving, and loving heart
May all beings care for one another with respect, loving kindness, compassion, and understanding
May all beings be happy


Hi. I am a freelance "communicator of enlightenment". I do not belong to or am affiliated with any group or organisation. I am simply here; learning, studying, practicing, experiencing, and sharing my knowledge and experience.

I use this website as my main communication tool, along with FACEBOOK, so friend me on Facebook if you like. I have set up some interesting groups for those interested in holistic health, conscious self development, diet, and, of course, spiritual enlightenment.


Friend me on Facebook, meet like-minded souls from all over the world, and join in our study groups. Please keep language clean, curse-free, and respectful or i'll have to give you a cooling off time.

MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Peter Todd. I use a different name, Sivanandadas, when I am going on about Yoga and Spiritual things, because it gives those who know a little sanskrit (ancient language of the hindus) some coded information about what's important to me. I don't like secrets much, unless it's to make a happy surprise for somebody, so the meaning of my spiritual name is as follows:

  • Siva: Spiritual knowledge, wisdom, maturity, conscious self master of the chakras, and direct real spiritual experiences. Wisdom is really an open-ended subject, I guess the truly wise know that there is always more wisdom to learn and behave by. sanatana dharma (the subject of Yoga) is not restricted to the basic hatha yoga physical postures, it is a whole and complete system of holistic health, holistic self development, and enlightenment that souls have been using for centuries - and getting the results
  • Ananda: Blissful union with the Totality of Existence - The Eternal Mysterious One Unified Being - the Real Self. Not an easy thing to remember when our minds are focusing on this soul-school world and the problems within it. However, if we create some special time to sit and rest, to meditate, upon this trancendental awareness, it is possible. It appears to take quite a few years and plenty of studying the subject is needed to do this. I hope my website can help you in this matter.
  • das: wise assistant to all living beings


You can always contact me by using the HELM CONTACT FORM. If you want a reply, please remember to enter your email address in the email box within the contact form.

I hope you find something of use to you within this website and if you like the site then please tell others who might also like it.


HELM is happy to offer teachers, counsellors, mentors, guides, healers, meetups, workshops, events, classes, and other services in your local area or nearest area.

All our meetups and services mentioned above are MEANS TESTED - if the practitioner is charging for their services. If you are under financial constraints, we encourage you to discuss the matter with the practitioner and come to a happy and realistic arrangement. Some practitioners offer may offer their services to you for free.

Your happiness, health, and growth are our goal and any payment for services received is secondary to our primary commitment.

We want you to gain the benefits of the HELM services and heal, grow, understand human behaviour, solve any problems you may have, learn to help yourself and others, realise your dreams, and live a happy, holistically healthy, and satisfied life.

We know all our practitioners personally and they have all undergone a thorough "approval process" before they can represent HELM, so that you have no need for concern or doubt in regards to their authenticity, character, skills, and professionalism. However, if you are not totally happy with the service or conduct of any practitioner we encourage you to contact HELM using our online contact form immediately and we will thoroughly investigate your complaint.

For more information:

For teachers, counsellors, mentors, guides, and healers, please visit the HELM SERVICES PAGE and use the search function at the top of the page or simply scroll down the page to find what you are interested in.

We are very happy to meet you and offer our services. Services may or may not carry a charge depending upon the individual practitioner.


Of all those who study the spiritual science that used to be called occult, or hidden, but is fast ceasing to deserve that name, not many will ever go on to the higher degrees of initiation and aspire after adepthood. We may reasonably ask, if this science is literally esoteric or reserved for the few, whether it is worth while for those who cannot dedicate their whole lives to its pursuit to study it at all?

It cannot be denied that the higher achievements in any pursuit can be obtained only by the man who gives his life to it. Esoteric science is no exception to this rule. Nevertheless, it has a very great deal to give even to those who only touch the hem of its garment. From its teachings there arises a philosophy of life which not only illumines our profounder problems, but shines on our daily path and reveals significances of which we have never dreamt. It shows us that our individual lives, and every happening of those lives, is an integral part of the cosmic whole; it shows us our individual relationship to that whole. A knowledge of even the elements of esoteric science leads to a complete change of all our values. We see that things we considered of supreme importance are not the vital points we thought they were; we see that things we did not think mattered at all are the real strategic centres of our lives.

Moreover, we find that there are certain powers in: our minds, not in the least rare or supernatural, for we are using them every day, which, if developed and consciously directed, will produce the most remarkable results.

Generally speaking, there is no reason why everybody who is drawn towards the study of occultism should not make a beginning with the use of these powers. Unless deliberately perverted to evil they can be productive of nothing but good, and the results which they will yield to steady and regular application, even if the time that can be given is no more than a few minutes a day, are amazing in their cumulative effects.

It is not everybody who is ready for initiation. It is said that it takes three lives of steadfast effort to find the Path; but even if we see no likelihood of the goal being achieved in this life, let us remember that everything must have a beginning, and we cannot have a third life of achievement until we have had a first and second life of preparation. Even if we have no hope of making this life one of achievement we can resolve to make it one of preparation, and as time on the Inner Planes is measured differently from time on the earth-plane, it may be that we shall achieve more than we had ever thought was possible.

Some things at least we shall not fail to achieve, and that right speedily-a new interest in life, an unfailing spring of hope and inspiration, and the ability to straighten out some of life's lesser tangles. Above all, we shall be lifted into a serener air, clear of the accumulated heap of daily pettiness that threatens to bury us. We shall have ceased to wander aimlessly through life, day succeeding day and bringing us nowhere. The sense of aimlessness will be gone and we shall have got a! key to the problems of existence.

The philosophy of the initiates can be brought home to men's business and bosoms, and throws light on many of the dark places of life. The wider it is spread among mankind the better is the purpose of the Inner Plane hierarchy served. Let no one turn away because they feel they are not ready for it or it is too profound for them. There is something for everybody; each one can take just as much as he needs and make use of it. That which he has not got the cannot, of course, make use of, but even that which the smallest cup can carry away is the true water of life.

Neither are we obliged to come once and once only to the well; we can return again and again with our pitcher. Therefore let no one despair or be faint-hearted, there is room for all and something for everybody.


HELM is a tried, tested, and proven holistic health life management system with an optional spiritual component. We believe in transforming the individual whilst also transforming the world. "AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT". Whatever change we want to happen outside should also happen within.

The end of confusion is born when we realise that this world is a soul school and all souls here, whether we know it or not, are gradually working through the generic ignorance that is a natural and normal part of our growth and development. All souls are here as part of our education and purification process.

With this knowledge we learn not to expect heaven on Earth. We learn to expect imperfect souls working their way through ignorance. Why? Because we have been given the gift of free will - choice - and on the other side of ignorance is enlightenment. The actual working through the ignorance is the educational journey that shows us the reasons why we should choose goodness over badness in every area of life.

In this world, each soul is given the golden gift of choice, of freewill, and this world is a soul-school in which developing souls can learn how to use this golden gift. In the field of ignorance of our heart and mind is hidden the harvest of LoveWisdomGoodnessPeace - enlightenment. By finding and watering the seeds of virtue and holistic health we will begin to harvest a life of LoveWisdomGoodness, Peace, and Enlightenment.

The spiritually correct way to live is with reverence to life, nature (the source and maintainer of life on Earth), and - if you are at all spiritually minded - to The Universal Spirit of All (your deepest and highest eternal Self).

Respect and reverence for life is an attitude that we nurture in which we consider and treat life with profound awe, care, respect, wisdom, and love. To live life with reverence involves taking time to learn about how the human experience works, how life on Earth works (ecology), and how we can co-operate with it all and help all Life on Earth to flourish. Reverence and LoveWidomGoodnessPeace are the correct attitudes that we nurture and they become the way in which we relate to ourselves, others, and the environment. Reverence and love for life and The Universal Spirit of All (your deepest and highest eternal Self) is the spiritually correct way for us to live.

Here we are learning to live in trust and faith in life and Spirit knowing that we are currently an embodied entity that abides in the heart center and the body, heart, and mind are our tools to learn and enjoy the human experience in this life and in future lives. The life of the soul does not end when this current human experience expires.


The deepest level of identity - the True Self - is the Unity of the Totality of All. This Totality has been called many things by people, The Tao, Buddha, God, Self, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.. yet a noun is never the thing itself, it is just a convenient label given by people.

It is supremely important to understand that our identity IS NOT the physical human body. Whatever our beliefs are, it is important to realise that, whatever we think we are - be that a part of Life, a soul, the Universe, God, Buddha etc.. - the experiencer of the physical body IS NOT the physical body. The experiencer is something that was in existence before this current physical body and it will be in existence when this current physical body is dust. With transcendent consideration we begin to learn that, whatever we are, we are not restricted to the lifespan of the individual physical body.


Enlightenment is the union of the individual soul with The One, Eternal, Immortal, Totality of Existence, the Creator of The Creation. By a process of study and practice of a spiritual and transcendental nature (sadhana), or spontaneously, the individual transcends identity with and attachment to the experience of individuality that occurs within the Creation (the Universe) and achieves the experience of union, identification, with The One Eternal Totality of Existence. Being correctly identified with the Totality, the individual is then experienced in the third-person, ie: “He walks”, “She works”, "They play", and the individual is never again related to as the “I” (the first person), the “I” of identification has been correctly restored to The Eternal, Immortal, and Ultimately Mysterious Totality of Existence. The individual has thus achieved enlightenment and knows "I am not this individual, I am The Eternal, Immortal, Totality of All, the Real Experiencer of all aspects of the Creation. As the yogis say; "Neti, Neti, Aham Brahman Asmi" - "I am not this individual, I am not any aspect of the Creation, I am The Eternal, Immortal, Totality of All, Unborn, Undying, The Entirety of All. "OM TAT SAT" - and that is the final word on the matter. Yet this experience cannot be achieved whilst the individual soul is entangled in negative and life-damaging actions, attitudes, and behaviour (negative karma). First, the individual soul needs to purify their behaviour and attitudes (their body, heart, mind, and soul) and purify any existing negative karma performed in previous lives. Only when the individual soul has reached a level of inner purification can enlightenment occur. HELM teaches us how to do this.


The individual is an example of a possible experience from within the (almost) infinite possible examples of experiences that may occur within the (almost) infinite Mind/Imagination/Creation of the (most certainly) Eternal, Infinite One Being that is the Eternal Totality of the Real Self, the One True Identity of The Unified All


In an unenlightened ignorant state (avidya), The Real Self (which is the Eternal Totality of Existence), has become identified and attached to the little individual (the individual soul whom is embodied in a physical form). This ignorance and resulting experience is encapsulated in sutra 3, chapter 2 (Portion on Practice), Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:


“Ignorance, egoism, attachment, hatred (and all other vices), and clinging to bodily life are the five obstacles to enlightenment.”

The order is significant. Because of ignorance of the real Self as the Eternal Totality of Existence Creator of the Creation (avidya), egoism (asmita – the result of identification with the individual and not the Real Self) is created. Because of this egoism (the false perception of the Self as only the little mortal individual or the individual at any level, including the individual soul (jiva)) there is pursuit and attachment (raga) to the things for the ego’s selfish pleasure. Because sometimes the things that the ego is attached to do not come or are taken away, hatred (dvesa and all other vice: anger, wrath, envy, greed, etc..) arises for those or those events that get in the way (of the ego’s selfish desire or aversion). And finally, because (via ignorance of the Real Self) the ego is attached to the things in this world (including the physical body of the individual) and afraid of death, there is clinging to bodily life (abhinivesha).

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter Two, proceeds with our enlightenment, eg:


"Egoism is the (mis)identification of the power of the seer (The Real Self) with that of the instrument of seeing (the mind-body of the individual)"

The ego is a false reflection of the true Self that arises due to spiritual/transcendental ignorance (avidya). The True Self will always be falsely represented by the ego until our avidya is removed. I (Swami Satchidananda) often refer to these two "I"s as the little "i" (the ego) and the capital "I" (the One Real Eternal Total Self). What is the difference? Just a small dot, a little blemish of ego. The capital "I" is just one pure stroke, just as the highest truth is always simple and pure. What limits us and makes us little? Just the dot. Without the dot we are always great, always the capital "I". All spiritual practices (sadhana) are designed just to remove that dot of egoism (asmita) that arises from spiritual ignorance (avidya).


Chapter 11: Verse 18:

“This Real Self is what is to be known, the supreme imperishable reality.”

Chapter 11: Verse 40:

“Wherever I turn, it is You! To my left and right, in front and behind, you are boundless and all powerful, you permeate all that is, in truth everything is you.”

Chapter 13: Verson 13:

“The Self is all pervasive, present in every body, it sees through every eye, speaks through every mouth, hears through every ear.”

Chapter 13: Verse 16:

“The Real Self is indivisible (whole and complete – Total), yet It appears (in the Creation) to divide itself into different creatures. It is seen as the sustainer of all.”

Chapter 13: Verse 22:

“The Supreme Self is present in the body and mind. There It may be recognized as the witness, the permitter, the ground of being, the experiencer, and the Supreme Soul – the deepest and real identity of all the entire Creation.”

Chapter 13: Verse 27:

“Whosoever perceived the supreme Self the same in all beings, who recognizes the eternal one amidst those who appear to be living and dying, that person perceives the Truth.”

Further Study

I suggest buying and studying these two classic scriptures, the commentary by Swami Satchidananda (Intergal Yoga Institute), is easy to understand and very helpful:

  1. The Living Gita: Commentary by Swami Satchidananda: ISBN 978-0-932040-27-5
  2. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary by Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga Publications, ISBN 978-0-932040-38-1

Enlightenment usually occurs as an achievement of the study and practice of a spiritual path – Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Muhammadism, etc.. – but can happen spontaneously (usually as a karmic result of study, practice, and virtuous actions in previous lives as in the case of Ramana Maharishi (an Indian Saint) and many other occurrences).

I recommend the study and practice of an authentic yoga path like the ones taught by:

  • Understanding the difference between good and bad behaviour and learning how to be good. Bad behaviour disturbs our conscience (even if we think we haven't got one) and leads to disturbing consequences that we have to deal with. Bad behaviour is thus an obstacle in the way of our development.
  • Understanding the affect upon us of the three influences of nature: Dullness (tamas), Excitement (rajas), and BalanceHealthGoodness (sattva). We can master our interaction with these three influences and thus control our experiences of them. To create and maintain a lifestyle of BalanceHealthGoodness (sattva) is essential for our successful development.
  • Inside each human body is a non-physical entity - an individual - that some call "the soul". Realise that you are not the temporary physical body. This is a crucial spiritual realisation that releases us from a great deal of suffering that is brought about by mis-identification with the temporary physical body. Love, respect, and care for your physical body as it is a requirement for embodied experiences of education, enjoyment, and evolution.
  • Understand that "The Law of Karma" - action and reaction (consequence) - is a deep spiritual law that governs all souls. The consequences of our actions have to dealt with in this and future lives. There are higher spiritual souls that are governing bodies that deal with karma of all souls and they have the power to forgive and remove negative consequenes if it is in the interests of the development of the soul.
  • Learn to be harmless and non-violent in all areas of life (each chakra). This accelerates the establishment of the soul in the mode of goodness (sattva) that is essential for successful holistic and spiritual growth and understanding.
  • Learn to become self-aware, to know yourself. Self-Knowledge releases us from reflex reactions to life and allows us to respond with intelligence, sensitivity to the situation, and maturity. This develops into wisdom. Dedicate yourself to understand yourself - your mind, emotions, preferences of desire and aversion, temperament, attitudes, and personality. Acknowledge and understand your more negative qualities and dedicate youself to overcoming them. The HELM website is designed for the purpose of gaining self-understanding.
  • Do not become a materialist - a person that seeks fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness in material thing only. Learn to find and enjoy non-material satisfactions like good behaviour, virtue, benevolence, helping others, helping life, appreciation, gratitude, skills, self-mastery, and prayer.
  • Be a benevolent helper of life. Don't be selfish nor greedy and, if you can, give either time or money to registered charities that do good work in the world.

We learn to take good care of ourselves, grounded, centered, humbly learning from everthing, and steadily becoming wise and good. We learn the importance of treating all life with love and respect - including ourselves as simply another manifestation of the One Great Living Entity that some call God, Buddha, Allah, The Tao, the Eternal One, or The Deepest and Highest Self.

Day by day we learn how to overcome negative and harmful thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. We steadily become a good and useful person by respecting ourselves and others, identifying with the soul in the heart center, and training the mind and heart and chi in; virtue, holistic health, wisdom, and life-affirming skills.

We are just humble student souls who are learning the correct way to live. The way that brings health and happiness to all.

The Situation of The Soul in the world

There are three main purposes of embodied life on Planet Earth (not the only world available for soul habitation):

  • Education: Learning and conscious self-mastery
  • Enjoyment: Not just the experiences of sensual pleasure, but also wise and loving service to others and to life in general
  • Enlightenment: One of the many possible experiences available here on Earth

Spiritually speaking, soul education involves conscious self-mastery, the ability to understand how to live fully, happily, and peacefully, and how to help improve the world situation for all. The first questions we must ask ourselves are "Am I in control of myself?", "Do I understand myself?", "Am I living a conscious and aware life?", "How can I go about solving the aforementioned problems?" These questions can quickly be answered by studying and understanding "The Seven Center (chakra) Model of Human Experience." Fortunately, that is the very purpose of The HELM website! So you have arrived at the very place to begin to understand yourself, the human experience, and the spiritual reality of Life, The Universe, and Everything!

The world situation

Anybody who advocates violence is colluding with the egocentric violent global elite whose aim - driven by the generic inner ignorance - is to violently and repressively control the world. More violence is not the solution, it is part of the problem - generic human ignorance.

The only way to oppose this "force of ignorance" is by non-violent non-cooperation with it and by educating ourselves in its opposite - Love, Wisdom, Goodness, mutually beneficial co-operation, and Peace.

"As within, so without." Each one of us has within us both the seeds of ignorance and the seeds of LoveWisdomGoodnessPeace. The world situation is reflection of the inner situation of each individual as the human experience is the collective expression of all the individuals - us.

It is the goal of HELM to guide us to understand and overcome our inner ignorance and discover and nurture our seeds of LoveWisdomGoodnessPeace and healthy cooperation with life for the health and holistic well-being of all Life on Earth, all people, all species, and the interdependent ecological system that we depend upon for our worldly existence.

It is the duty of each adult to take responsibility for our spiritual life - the health and wellbeing of our soul. This work can be started by working through the HELM Study Guide.

Feel free to contact us with questions by using the HELM contact e-form.


We are a growing, discovering, learning, evolving soul, not limited to the lifespan of a physical body. The entire manifest Universe of variety, diversity, and multiplicity - including all souls - is intelligently and lovingly created by the One Totality of All Existence (God, Tao, Buddha) that is ultimately the true identity of all souls.

To all souls currently having this human experience on Planet Earth...

"Your LoveWisdomGoodness is needed and required for the world to work properly. The world will not work properly until all souls discover and express the LoveWisdomGoodness in our heart and mind. There is no moving on to better or different experiences until we learn to live the human experience properly - in the mode of LoveWisdomGoodness."

This is the spiritual duty and work of each soul. You can achieve this by following the HELM Study Guide.

THE SOUL MAP: The Seven Center (Chakra) System

Each center represents an area of human activity
The aim of HELM is to bring each center into healthy, loving, wise, and balanced harmony with yourself and the world

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